Live Clubs.

A single rigging point keeps the compact array up and away, high above the crowd. The strong vertical directivity prevents unwanted sound reflections from low ceilings and radiates the sound directly to the audience – with no interference.

The A-Series delivers more power than a single point source loudspeaker. The bipolar arrangement of the drivers prevents constant radiation even in the mid-range, thus ensuring a uniform sound throughout the entire room.

The flexible dispersion angle between individual array loudspeakers ensures a continuous dispersion of up to 110 degrees with only three speakers.
Special filter setups and the ArrayProcessing developed by d&b ensure even distribution over the entire listening area.

Example setup:

  • Main system: 2 arrays
  • Number of loudspeakers per array: 3 x ALi90, horizontally flown
  • System dispersion horizontally: 70°–110°
  • Setup: Midrange Directivity Control
  • Total weight per array: 74kg
  • Subwoofers: 6 x Vi-GSUB array
  • Amplifier channels (30D): 10
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