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More Art. Less Noise.

You could say we have dream jobs. People love to be together. We all play our part in making the events that enrich our lives.

The live events landscape is changing. To be both viable and sustainable, we must continue to be able to stage live outdoor events. More than ever, great events call for great responsibility.

That buzz in the air. The smell of food and sunscreen. The freedom. You put all your effort into creating incredible memories. That’s why we take our role in this seriously. And why we make planning, simulating, and controlling off-site noise as industry-friendly as possible.

Less Noise.

Let’s start with NoizCalc, which works with any d&b system. NoizCalc enables forward-planning for a favourable outcome.  Its quick 5-step process provides simulation and prediction of off-site noise. You get the assurances you need, and the data that helps secure event licenses, in advance of the event.

And neighbours get the highest quality silence available from a professional sound reinforcement system.

NoizCalc has an ideal partner system for outdoor live events. In 2013, when the idea of NoizCalc was born, our engineers already had their eye on the goal: a line array system offering full broadband directivity control.

NoizCalc 4.0. Stages view
NoizCalc 4.0. Result view

More Art.

The SL-Series is the pinnacle of decades of dedication to the control of sound directivity. With SL-Series the audience gets the art. Not the off-site areas. It’s built-in off-site noise control.

SL-Series incorporates a wealth of proven technologies from cabinet design to electronics. It is a sound system with groundbreaking cardioid performance and full broadband directivity control.
Together, NoizCalc and SL-Series offer high quality, directional, predictable, and controllable sound. And silence.
Our customers benefit, and together, so does the live events industry.

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