B1 subwoofer

B1-SUB subwoofer
B1-SUB subwoofer

B1 subwoofer

Bass-reflex subwoofer

  • Components 15"/15"
  • max SPL 131 dB

Product description

The B1 is the principal subwoofer used with the F1222 loudspeaker. Its internally braced bass-reflex cabinet houses two 15” drivers and produces a round, dry, rather deep, natural bass. The B1 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood, which incorporates the handles, has an impact resistant paint finish and MAN CF4 stud plate rigging points. There are fittings at the top and bottom for securing an optional wooden lid, and mounted on the rear are four heavy duty wheels.

System data
Frequency response (-5 dB)
32 Hz - 110 Hz
Cabinets per D12
Max. sound pressure (1m, free field)1 with D6/D12
131 dB SPL
Loudspeaker data
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)
600/2400 W
2 x 15"
Dimensions / weight
Dimensions (H x W x D)
988 x 448 x 550 mm2
38.9 x 17.6 x 21.7"2
63 kg
139 lb

1 SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4
2 dimensions without wheels

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File type
B1-SUB Manual 2.0
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