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  • d&b audiotechnik partners with Singapore’s Luther Music to widen market reach.

d&b audiotechnik has announced a new collaboration with leading Singaporean audio and music equipment retailer Luther Music to widen market visibility in the professional musician, venue owner and high-end domestic markets.

It comes as part of d&b audiotechnik Asia-Pacific’s drive to reach out to new partners in the region. Luther Music’s centrally located, well-stocked professional retail outlets and its online store are renowned in Singapore, enjoying a loyal customer base.

The partnership, agreed as a memorandum of understanding between Luther Music owners Linus Kee and Luther Ong, and d&b Asia Pacific President Anand Narayanan, means that the store is now offering demonstrations of a range of d&b loudspeakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and accessories. These include a d&b 2.1 Stereo System, comprising two full range, 2-way 8S loudspeakers supplemented by the ultra-compact yet powerful B8 subwoofer, and the d&b 16C column loudspeaker, which has proven to be a much-desired product in a host of bar, restaurant and house of worship installations.

“This in-store and online presence partnership provides a single platform for customers to consolidate and shop for all the high-quality musical instruments and paraphernalia along with a world-class audio system,” says Narayanan. “The collaboration between d&b audiotechnik and Luther Music enables us to address mid-segment customers such as bars, restaurants, residential, houses of worship, and schools”.

So far, the reaction from our customers has simply been awe.Linus Kee, Luther Music co-owner

“So far, the reaction from our customers has simply been awe,” adds Kee. “They hear d&b in comparison with other systems and their ears don’t lie. We are impressed by the power matching between the d&b loudspeakers and the power amplifiers, which deliver consistent, powerful and pristine sound, and our customers are too. We try to feature the best-in-class for every product category, and we’re excited to have d&b lead our premium sound category of professional loudspeaker systems.”

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