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The SL-Series. Directivity has a new drive.

The SL-Series are the only modern line array systems to offer full broadband directivity control. The debut of the KSLi System extends this sonic advantage into new territory: permanently installed audio.  The KSLi System is a no compromise solution that unifies the unparalleled headroom, clarity, and control of the SL-Series with the most powerful installation platform in the d&b range: the 40D amplifier.

Predictable dispersion behavior, enhanced high frequency resolution and built in efficiency from start to finish. Out on tour or fixed in place, there is a complete SL-Series package for any performance.

On the road.

A seamless combination of GSL and KSL answers both the sound reinforcement and noise control needs of any mobile event. A complete package of accessories, transport touring solutions and an efficient rigging procedure teams with the d&b infrastructure for planning, control, routing and cabling. Unparalleled flexibility meets unrivaled scalability, venue after venue.

Off the road.

The KSLi System represents the first no compromise audio solution designed expressly for use in medium to large scale fixed installations. Inheriting the same performance characteristics that give the SL-Series its sonic advantage, KSLi can be precisely fashioned to satisfy individual project requirements. Special construction, weatherization, and aesthetic features can all be designed by the d&b Custom solutions team. The result? A complete dedicated installation solution with broadband directivity embedded in its DNA.

1/9 The KSLi System.
2/9 The KSLi System.
3/9 The SL-Series package.
4/9 The KSL and GSL loudspeakers.
5/9 The KSL System driven by D80 amplifiers.
6/9 The KSL System with the KSL-SUBs.
7/9 The GSL8 and GSL12 loudspeakers.
8/9 The cardioid SL-SUBs.
9/9 The SL-Series package with the KSL-SUBs.

The technical details.

The GSL, KSL and KSLi Systems employ a combination of techniques to achieve full bandwidth constant directivity pattern control. All SL-Series loudspeakers are constructed using a 2-Way active design. This features a low frequency geometry using cardioid technology along with a driver and port layout to produce directivity matched perfectly with the coaxial arrangement of a high efficiency midrange horn and the waveguide mounted high frequency drivers.

SL-Series loudspeakers are complimented in the very low frequencies by a range of cardioid subwoofers including SL-SUB, KSL-SUB and KSLi-SUB, with variants available for ground stacked applications. While GSL and KSL are driven by D80 amplifier, the 40D amplifier reaches new performance heights within the d&b installation range and sits at the heart of the KSLi System package. 

The ability to address such a breadth of application scales and styles, both indoors and out, facilitates high return on investment from wide ranging venue utilization and flexibility of deployment in both mobile and installation situations.

Getting to know the SL-Series.

In the videos below, Werner “Vier” Bayer, Product Manager, and Matthias Christner, Head of R&D System Design, explain what’s inside the box, the acoustical targets, the evolution of the applied techniques and enabling technologies as well as the ‘full’ SL-Series Mobile package.

A step by step guide on the SL-Series rigging methods and modes can be found in Video tutorials. d&b will also offer technical training on the SL-Series. These workshops can be found in the Education calendar.



Designed for use in medium to large scale installations, the KSLi System conquers new performance possibilities with a complete package that includes the most powerful installation amplifier in the d&b portfolio and a range of customization options.

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SL-Series mobile solutions are optimized to tackle every eventuality with efficiency and accuracy. With unity in design and handling, a combination of GSL and KSL Systems enables deployment in venues ranging from small clubs to the largest stadiums.

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40D amplifier.

The 40D amplifier reaches new performance heights within the d&b portfolio and sits at the heart of the KSLi System package. Designed with careful consideration of workflow, the 40D offers a wealth of enhancements for contemporary project demands.

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Applications around the world.

The SL-Series is transforming productions around the world. Find out how with the latest GSL, KSL and KSLi success stories: 

Ibiza’s Destino Resort is taking Pacha’s outdoor parties to the next level.

Pacha’s Destino Resort in Ibiza revamped its entire outdoor DJ stage and club for the 2018 season, installing a complete d&b audiotechnik GSL system to increase sound quality, volume and the party vibe…

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First Aid Kit kick off with KSL at the Ericsson Globe Arena.

Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit played one of the biggest gigs of their career in January 2019, wowing thousands of fans at Stockholm’s hemispherical Ericsson Globe. The performance was the flagship event of the band’s world tour, in support...

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d&b SL-Series fills De Kuip stadium with Marco Borsato dynamics.

Superstar Dutch singer Marco Borsato performed his anthemic back catalogue to 240,000 fans over five nights at Rotterdam’s De Kuip stadium in May. His dynamic songs and enthusiastic performance style required full spectrum coverage across the...

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d&b KSL joins V-Series at Glastonbury.

With stage size and technical demands increasing every year at Glastonbury Festival, Skan PA chose the d&b KSL System for The Other Stage, taking the sound of headliners including Tame Impala, The Chemical Brothers, and Christine and the...

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d&b KSL pumps up 1975’s ABIIOR Tour 2019.

UK band The 1975’s multi-genre music required a flexible sound system to provide powerful, clear audio no matter the size of the venue. Eighth Day Sound chose the d&b KSL to ensure the audience experienced the same even sound every night of...

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SL-Series around the globe.

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