There is more to customization than color

Whenever a project cannot be realized with the standard product portfolio, the d&b Custom solutions team is on hand to help.

Committed to satisfying unique requirements, Custom solutions develops special construction, weatherization, and aesthetic features for d&b loudspeakers to meet particular demands.

Each project receives individual treatment and together with all parties involved, everything that is needed to perfect it is diligently defined for a harmoniously tailored fit.

The outcome of this process? A precisely fashioned d&b system perfectly suited to the overall visual and aural experience in every possible way.

Our specially made systems


d&b has developed SVS (Special Version Stadium) loudspeakers. They can be mounted under roofs or catwalks, with extra protection against rain and full consideration of wind loads and seismic activity.

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Cruise Ships

For protection against salt water as rugged as the ocean itself, d&b Custom solutions has developed SWR (Sea Water Resistant) variants for several loudspeaker series.

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Houses of Worship

d&b systems can become invisible carriers of content, absorbed sensitively into their surroundings. The SC (Special Color) option has been expanded to offer a wider range of options, including a variety of textures and finishes.

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Special Version Stadium

Simply by virtue of their customization, SVS loudspeakers bring improvements to the following working areas:

  • Loudspeakers are designed for permanent outdoor use, including nano coating, as well as cable glands to protect from the elements
  • Universal mounting points
  • Individual loudspeakers can be removed from the array without needing to take down or disassemble the array
  • External rigging can be designed with covers on the upper side for additional protection from rain ingress
  • External rigging is designed to accommodate wind loads and seismic activity, ensuring the utmost structural safety
  • Single subwoofers or small subwoofer arrays can be flown, circumventing the use of a top and bottom mounting frame
  • SC (Special Color) option is also available for cabinets with custom rigging.

Sea water ready

Climate considerations factor into many projects, but the corrosive nature of sea water requires much tougher protection in a loudspeaker. Demand for a higher resistance to harsh environments led to the development of the SWR (Sea Water Resistant) option. Based on the WR (Weather Resistant) option but with a superior grade of resistance to wet or acidic environments, SWR variants are ideal for cruise ships, coastal venues, stadiums, hotels or parks.

Sea water ready

Custom color and finishing

Why settle for black? When looks are high on the agenda, d&b loudspeakers can take on any color you choose.

Cabinets that discreetly blend into their surroundings, leaving listeners comfortably unaware of their existence.

While bespoke color options are not new to d&b, the palette has been expanded to offer a wider range of options: The exact color required, from any international color standard, can be applied to any d&b loudspeaker, including accessories.

The finishing touch? The finishing. Whether gold plating or a rust-like appearance, Custom solutions will endeavor to provide a fitting effect, no matter the project size or complexity, installed or on the road.

Custom color and finishing

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