d&b Custom solutions for carefully tailored projects.

Harmonizing products with projects

The 2018 introduction of d&b Custom solutions formalizes a long standing commitment to unique requirements.

Tailored for a flawless fit

Whenever a project cannot be realized with the standard product portfolio, d&b Custom solutions is on hand to help. Careful examination of project requirements often reveals the need for something unique, a situation where the audio expectation meets with additional installation and design criteria: a special set of features to satisfy the construction, weatherization, or the look of the environment. When these demands come into play, the d&b Custom solution team takes up the baton. Together with all parties involved everything that is needed to perfect the project is diligently defined for a harmoniously tailored, befitting result.

Custom construction

There are situations in which more flexibility is needed, where standard rigging does not fulfil the task. Take a stadium for example, where the architecture of the roof and layout of the seating require a specific rigging solution to get loudspeakers in just the right locations. This has led to the development of two loudspeakers ready to connect to custom rigging solutions: the d&b Yi and Vi SVS (Special Version Stadium).

Custom weatherization

Permanent outdoor use in harsh environments, aboard cruise ships, at coastal venues, or in stadiums and parks, requires loudspeakers and fixings with the utmost resistance to whatever the weather throws at them. To satisfy cruise ship requirements, d&b has developed techniques to make loudspeakers saltwater resistant. The SWR (Sea Water Resistant) variants are available across the product range.

Custom color

When looks are high on the agenda, d&b loudspeakers can absorb sensitively into their surroundings, leaving listeners comfortably unaware of their existence. While bespoke color options are not new to d&b, the RAL palette has been expanded to offer a wider range of options, including high gloss or metallic paint finishes for all d&b loudspeakers, no matter the project size or complexity, installed or on the road.


Team Custom Solutions