Empty stands don’t have to sound that way.

Sport is nothing without its fans. d&b Fanblock - powered by Autograph Stadium Sound combines technical and theatrical expertise to supply the emotionally charged atmosphere of a full stadium, arena or sports center while they are either empty or have greatly reduced seating capacity.

Atmosphere of emotion

While safety measures are still in place, d&b Fanblock - powered by Autograph Stadium Sound equips you with everything you need to recreate the electric feel of a capacity crowd: Hardware, software, installation, training, and support.

The intuitive playback system and audio library content create realistic crowd responses to the action on the field, court or pitch from pre-game to victory.  Your sound package options include:

  • Use a neutral approach with non-specific crowd responses
  • Rally the home team with customized sound cues and fan chants via content partners fanchants.com
  • Let fans communicate their excitement live using MyApplause

Our global network of distribution partners will provide the rental of a d&b system, tailored to the individual needs of your venue and surrounds athletes and coaches with authentic sounds of passion, excitement and dedication of their fans.

Fully supported every step of the way, d&b Fanblock - powered by Autograph Stadium Sound is a comprehensive solution to strangely silent live sport.

1/4 Original Touch OSC with home and away teams
2/4 Home team only Touch OSC
3/4 Team specific chants for Leeds United
4/4 Team specific chants for Queens Park Rangers

Team players – Autograph Sound

There is plenty of drama in sport. This is why we have partnered with Autograph Sound, one of the best-known companies specializing in theatrical sound design. With over four decades of experience, Autograph sound has created the sonic atmosphere for countless plays and musicals in London’s West End and beyond. Autograph have channeled their expertise and appreciation for the theatrical into creating the highest standard of sound design and audio playback for a very different type of audience through d&b Fanblock - powered by Autograph Stadium Sound.

Find out more at www.autograph.co.uk

Animating athletes…and more

d&b audiotechnik’s Nick Malgieri speaks to Sports Video Group about the “new normal” of enhanced stadium sound: “I think, to a certain extent, organizations need to feel like they have this in their pocket. I think the lessons that we’ve learned in the business model with sporting events is that they can’t just be put on hold and rescheduled.”

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Animating athletes…and more

Your guide to avoiding ‘ghost games’

Ending the devastating stadium silence starts with your local d&b reseller.

They will design a sound reinforcement system suited to your venue. Typically, this will include:

  • A proportionate number loudspeakers that will cover the entire playing area* and reproduce the 12+1 playback format
  • The DS100 Signal engine which is used to manage and distribute the audio signals
  • All the required amplification and accessories
  • Sound system installation

*For events with reduced fan capacity, the playback system output can also feed surrounding audience area. In this case a second sound reinforcement system for these areas is usually useful

You can have complete confidence in the performance of your system, as it is fully backed by d&b service and support.

After the design of your d&b system, Autograph Sound will provide your playback system and comprehensive on-site training (if safety restrictions prohibit this, online training will be provided instead).

Your playback system includes:

  • Your digital audio package and any necessary user interface customization
  • Full audio network setup
  • Playback and remote control software
  • Full documentation including configuration files
  • An Apple Mac Mini with QLab
  • Apple iPads (one for each operator)**
  • A telephone support hotline

**A minimum of two operators are recommended to control the Autograph Stadium Sound playback system.

State of play

Change is one of the few certainties in life. d&b Fanblock - powered by Autograph Stadium Sound was created to try to adapt to the changes affecting us all. Start the conversation with your local d&b reseller, because silent stadiums just aren’t suited to sport.

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