It is a full-service, low-risk alternative to ownership and gives you total access to a d&b system based on a single fixed monthly payment.

Low on risk, high on flexibility and with a service package included.


Subscription-Series gives you the freedom to invest your money differently since your monthly fee can be paid out of your operational income (OPEX/CAPEX). When your minimum contract term (24, 36 or 48 months – set by you) expires, your subscription, which includes a service package, can be flexibly upgraded, extended or terminated.

If you enjoy using d&b but don’t necessarily want to own your own system, subscribing is an easy and straightforward way to avoid being bound to your equipment while reaping all its benefits.

Benefits for venue owners

Subscribing to a high-quality sound system is a new opportunity for venues wanting to make themselves stand out - but needing or wanting to invest in other things - to still provide the best audio experience possible. All without tying up their cash. In short:

  • No big upfront investment
  • A low Sign-On fee
  • A low monthly fee
  • A low overall cash commitment
  • A straightforward solution
  • Access to the latest d&b technology
  • Full flexibility following the expiry of your contract
  • A world class sound experience in your venue
  • A sustainable use of products.

Disclaimer: Like all of our financial and commercial services, certain terms and conditions apply. Prospective subscribers will be subject to a credit check which needs sign off from d&b. The Subscription-Series is available for Installation projects (not Mobile) only. Currently it is only available in the UK and European Union countries. Additional services may be subject to extra fees.


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