The d&b Subscription-Series was designed to help you accelerate your organization’s ambitions. Whether technical, creative, or otherwise, Subscription-Series gives you access to a d&b solution without the burden or liability of ownership.

Why Subscription-Series?

You asked, and we listened. After all, the secure and flexible subscriptions make up an increasing portion of our everyday lives. We think these benefits should extend to your audio solution as well. With the d&b Subscription-Series, you get the system you need now and the comfort of knowing you can adapt to changes later.

One monthly payment. No surprises

Subscription-Series is a full-service, low-risk alternative to ownership. No large deposit, no hidden costs. Just a refundable sign-on fee. Your monthly subscription cost is fully transparent and covers all your audio needs. This includes:
  • Design and commissioning of an audio solution with a world-renowned reputation for sound quality
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of d&b system components ensuring the highest level of performance quality at all times
  • A full maintenance schedule including on-site visits and system testing
  • A simplified upgrade path when it’s time for something better
  • Decommissioning when it’s time for a change
  • Plus, all the benefits built into d&b solutions including our enabling tools, accessories, software and more…

No long-term commitment

Subscribe for as few as 24 months, or as long as you’d like. Subscription-Series empowers you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without a large investment every time.

Stay flexible

A pay-per-use complement to Subscription-Series allows you to install additional components, ready to go for those infrequent but crucial events that need a bit more presence. That could be a full 360 d&b Soundscape system, or simply a few extra subwoofers. You pay only when the additional components are used, knowing exactly how much it will cost before you use it.


Like all our financial/commercial solutions, Subscription-Series is subject to approval. Contact your local d&b subsidiary for full details.

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