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We live for these days.

The sorrow of not having live events is real. We share your passion: Passion for quality, passion for sound, passion for the show, passion to share, passion to inform, passion to serve.

Passion is nothing without commitment

We firmly believe it’s important to continue to play our part. We have a responsibility to those who tell the stories that shape our world and share in their wonder. Above all, we are committed to a global industry of exceptional individuals who work hard to make these stories heard. An industry that makes dreams come true.

We acknowledge the Red Alert and are marching in solidarity at #WeMakeEvents action days to highlight the critical condition this industry faces. We encourage everyone to take part. Together, we will get through this.

These days will come again

We are all working towards a common goal: to tell stories and create unforgettable events. When these days start again, you can rely on us to be ready. 

Since the disruption brought on by Covid-19, we have been in touch with thousands of you through live video on Facebook and Instagram, and expanded our online education content. We hear you, and we’re working on offering more to secure the return to the spectacular world of performance and gathering as soon as safely possible. We’re still listening, so please stay in touch.

There is no other way of saying it: this is a dark moment for us all. We remain undeterred. The magic, and the memories… they will come again.

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