The 44S. Notably unnoticeable.

The 44S is the first flush mountable loudspeaker from d&b. It’s the perfect loudspeaker for situations where the need for more sound is apparent, but the space available is an issue. Of course, the 44S wouldn’t be a d&b loudspeaker without a few more clever design tricks.

Versatility beyond measure.

At an unassuming 128mm tall, the 44S can be placed where most loudspeakers can’t: balconies, stage lips, trade show booths and stairs – even flush mounted in ceiling, walls and soffits. An intelligent waveguide and baffle design creates a very smooth horizontal dispersion down to the lower frequencies while being tightly focused vertically. The 90º x 30º dispersion pattern keeps sound directed exactly where it should be.

An asymmetric cabinet design and the optional back box supplies additional flexibility that allows adjustments of +/- 20º in 5º increments, accommodating different listening heights. A rotatable waveguide extends this to both horizontal and vertical positioning.

Performance meets precision.

3/6 -10°
4/6 -20°
5/6 10°
6/6 20°

Paired with the 10D installation amplifier the 44S claims an exceptionally high performance to size ratio. Importantly, its powerful 121dB output is tightly focused in a 90º x 30º dispersion pattern keeping sound directed exactly where it should be and no further.

Clarity up close.

The 44S features a smooth high frequency response for dedicated nearfield applications, up to 17kHz.  A powerful midrange supports energetic vocal performances with high speech intelligibility and linearity. At the lower end, the 44S extends down to 90Hz.  Not only have we designed the 44S to fit just about anywhere, we’ve ensured it is a joy to listen to – even up close.

The technical details.

The compact cabinet of the 44S houses two 4.5” neodymium LF drivers and two 1.25" HF dome tweeters in a passive 2-way design.

A variety of accessories allows you to mount the 44S to walls, floors, and under ceilings or balconies or mount on a stand. Target coverage gaps precisely with a single loudspeaker or in closely coupled clusters of two cabinets.

Joining the d&b xS-Series, the 44S pairs equally well with the d&b xC- and E-Series loudspeakers. The 44S is also ideal as a compact sound system in its own right when paired with the Bi8, 12S-SUB or E12X-SUB subwoofers.

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