d&b audiotechnik awarded honorary employer in civil protection.

© Steffen Schmid From left to right: Siegfried Janocha, First Mayor of Backnang. Uwe Henne, Marketing and Back Office Manager D.A.CH. at d&b audiotechnik; Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Backnang branch. Thomas Strobl, Interior Minister from the state government of Baden-Württemberg. Jens Nilsson, Managing Director d&b audiotechnik. Wilfried Klenk, State Secretary Ministry of the Interior.

Co-workers at d&b audiotechnik are committed – to their jobs, the company, and not least to the community; volunteering with the civil services and other various honorary activities. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the co-workers at d&b, the company has been recognized as an honorary employer in civil protection in the state of Baden-Württemberg. 

d&b was nominated for the award of Honorary Employer in Civil Protection by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief in Backnang. The award is given to companies that allow co-workers to do voluntary work for the local community. Interior Minister Thomas Strobl from the state government of Baden-Württemberg presented the award to d&b audiotechnik in Stuttgart on 5 September 2018. “This is a great honor for us,” says Jens Nilsson, Managing Director at d&b audiotechnik. “This award doesn’t only represent the co-workers who volunteer for civil protection, but also the many co-workers who spend their time volunteering in other areas.”

Any d&b co-worker who is active with a relief organization, such as the voluntary firefighters, or the German Red Cross, is permitted to wear an on-call pager at work – and is also allowed to leave work immediately whenever there is an emergency. “The state would not be able to run without volunteers.” Minister Strobl said during the award ceremony.

Uwe Henne, d&b Marketing and Back Office Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, works with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) for flood defense and flood protection. “Special trainings, courses, and missions with the THW can sometimes last a week or longer. The company, that is to say, my supervisor, colleagues, and the HR department, have always backed me so I can take part,” says Uwe Henne. He adds, “It not only involves missions in Germany but also large-scale missions abroad as part of EU projects, such as in Bosnia, France, or the U.S. This needs very good coordination and enormous flexibility from my colleagues and superiors, often at short notice. Without the positive and supportive attitude of my employer, many functions and activities would not be possible at all.”

Many d&b coworkers take on other responsibilities outside of the company, ranging from coaches at sports clubs, councilors in local government, and volunteers for local churches.

There is also a donation team at d&b that supports social and volunteer schemes in Backnang. This includes musical projects, and procuring instruments for early musical education in kindergartens and elementary schools.

For d&b audiotechnik, the award from the state signifies a commitment. "In future, we intend to make sure that professional and social commitments can exist side by side at d&b,” says Managing Director Nilsson. “The willingness to assume responsibility shows through in private life as well as at work. The successful growth of d&b, from a startup to a global player with over five hundred co-workers, has a lot to do with this attitude.”

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