A sound investment by LIPA


Since it was first established, the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA) has developed a diverse and expansive curriculum. With recent advances in technology, particularly on the digital side, there are inevitably multiple demands and expectations upon any equipment investments it makes. That certainly applies to the recent purchase of loudspeaker systems and digital consoles from TMC, based near Bradford.

'There were several demands that led us to choose d&b audiotechnik equipment for the sound technology courses,' said John Attewell, chief technician at LIPA. 'On the one hand we were looking for two systems identical in performance, and of professional scale. We've had an in house PA system for some time, but not one that meets that last parameter. The choice of C7-TOPs and SUBs gives us that ability as well as being useful in the wider context, such as elements in a distributed system in a musical drama for example. The second consideration was flexibility; the Live Sound course taught by Chris Layton uses many different performance spaces around the institute, so we wanted smaller loudspeakers that could work as a typical front of house system for these spaces, or for spot effects elsewhere.'

Attewell explained the decision to go the d&b route was subject to several influences. 'Both Chris and I work at live sound outside the confines of the institute, in the professional market; in fact the institute encourages us to do that. My first experience of d&b loudspeakers was the E3, whilst for Chris it was the M4 and MAX cabinets for his monitor work. Chris and I discussed this purchase in depth and, after looking at all the different systems we'd experienced, we decided to take the d&b option not only based on the sound quality, but having heard for ourselves the uniformity of performance and delivery across the d&b product range.'

So far the most popular combo with the students has been the EX15-SUB with an E12 top cabinet, according to Attewell. 'Very popular in the small spaces because ease of rigging and performance, for acoustic stuff they're absolutely excellent. The C7s will be used for the student's major assessments, and it's simply the case that they haven't been in the curriculum yet, but will make their presence felt at the end of November.'

'TMC has been very helpful and provided the depth of support that an institution such as ours requires,' concluded Attewell. 'More than just an equipment sale, Nick Bolton from the company has already provided us with a training day delivered by themselves and d&b, and we are arranging further sessions that will widen that experience and knowledge to our students.'

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