d&b audiotechnik chosen to bring powerful, full sound coverage to South Korea’s Gyeonggi Arts Center.

Home to 13 million, Gyeonggi Province is the most populous province in South Korea. The Gyeonggi Arts Center (GGAC) was built to promote local culture and to ensure a safe space for all residents to enjoy and it was important that this multi-purpose, complex space be well equipped in order to promote diversity and community culture on a massive scale.

Much has changed since the facility first opened in 1992, but the sound system had not. In 2019, GGAC decided to remodel the center as they had opened a repertory theatre to host shows, orchestral performances and dance companies. To support this new program and the remodeling project for the Grand Theater, the GGAC needed a new cutting-edge, powerful sound system.

In addition to our sound coverage concern for the project, another issue that we faced was the available budget. We needed a system that would not only meet the needs of such a large space but work within our budget.Jung Ju-hyun, Director of the Audio Team, GGAC

The GGAC wanted to upgrade to a new audio system that would deliver even sound coverage to the entirety of the main grand theater inside the center. The grand theatre has capacity for an audience of 1,500 and includes a stage that is 899 square meters, with the ability to hold up to 520 performers at a time. The facility needed a powerful, sophisticated sound system that would deliver a level distribution and frequency response to the entire audience while keeping sight lines clear and avoiding intersecting with the lighting path.

The audio team chose d&b audiotechnik to meet the needs of the Grand Theater. The system they chose included thirteen V-Series loudspeakers (V8/V12) on each side, thirteen Y-Series loudspeakers (Y12) for the center, Vi-SUBs to be placed behind the V-Series line arrays, and four SL-GSUBs for flexibility. E8’s were installed as rear and side delay loudspeakers in the back and on the second floor to cover shadows. Eight M4 monitors were installed on stage, which are mostly driven by a d&b D20 and D80. ArrayProcessing was also used to improve and provide uniformity to the frequency response, reduce deviation and provide directivity control.

The d&b system ended up being well-balanced and meeting every requirement that we set out.Jung Ju-hyun

“The system has been very successful so far and I’m really proud to hold performances at the Grand Theatre with a much better sound system,” he continued. “It is priceless to me to put on an excellent, immersive live performance for an audience.”

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