Rise Against deliver their melodic hardcore with the d&b SL-Series in Germany.

© Ralph Larmann

In November 2017 Rise Against played at the sold-out Mitsubishi Electric HALLE in Düsseldorf as part of their European tour. The venue has been hosting events for over forty years, and although concerts like this one are commonplace for this seven thousand five hundred capacity venue, this gig was different, as all dates on the German leg on this run were equipped with the new d&b SL-Series, GSL System, provided by TDA Rental GmbH.

The SL-Series, GSL System is an evolution; a complete system package designed for significantly sized arenas, stadiums and festivals. At first, this large format line array system may appear familiar, but look closer and it is anything but ordinary.

“The GSL System is not a successor to the J-Series. There’s much more to it than that”, explains Jan Hoffmann, TDA Rental GmbH, expressing his excitement about the “rear rejection” ability of the GSL components: “The cardioid radiation is absolutely incredible”. Hoffman went on to say “The stereo image of the GSL System creates really impressive FOH sound, which can comfortably cover long distances.

The cardioid radiation is absolutely incredible. The stereo image of the new SL-Series creates really impressive FOH sound, which can comfortably cover long distances. Also, the support from d&b is excellent.Jan Hoffman, TDA Rental GmbH

 “The powerful sound in the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE remained captivating throughout the show, and the GSL System comfortably performed well below its power reserves, leaving headroom to spare.” Added Hoffman, “The tonality of the playback was even across the board, with ArrayProcessing giving the sound a noticeably fresh, ‘in your face’ quality, even right at the back of the venue. It was absolutely remarkable how much deep bass could be created in the venue with only twelve subwoofers.”

© Jörg Küster 1/3
© Ralph Larmann 2/3
© Ralph Larmann 3/3

Hoffmann explained how using familiar d&b software tools alongside the GSL System made setup for the show easy. “With software from d&b audiotechnik, I can plan productions right from the initial stages down to the last detail, with ArrayCalc and R1 remote control software meshing perfectly together”, stated Hoffmann. “The d&b tools enable quick service that is oriented to the reality of being a sound technician.”

Kit list:

  • Two main hangs were positioned left and right of the stage, each holding ten GSL8s with two GSL12s beneath.
  • For the low frequencies, 6 stacks of 2 SL-SUBs in INFRA mode were configured as a sub arc.
  • The out fills consisted of a hang each side of four d&b J8 3-way loudspeakers.
  • Six V7Ps were used as front fills.
  • Whole system was powered by d&b D80 amplifiers.
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