J8 loudspeaker

J8 loudspeaker front
J8 loudspeaker back
J8 loudspeaker front line array
J8 loudspeaker back line array

J8 loudspeaker

Line arrays

Large format 3-way line array loudspeaker 

  • Components
    2 x 12"/10"/2 x 1.4"
  • Dispersion 80°
  • SPLmax 145 dB
  • Weight 60 kg / 132 lb
  • d&b Certified Pre-Owned

While no longer available as a new system, the J-Series lives on through d&b Remanufacturing. A Certified Pre-Owned J-Series provides the same internationally renowned sound reinforcement as a new system, with a drastically reduced carbon footprint.

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