Certified Pre-Owned. Rider friendly meets eco-friendly.

Our planet’s resources are scarce. Extending the life of our loudspeaker systems is a small but powerful way of providing premium audio while helping to protect the natural world.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned system?

Certified Pre-Owned d&b systems deliver internationally renowned premium sound quality with a drastically reduced carbon footprint through the process of remanufacturing.

Before a change of ownership, loudspeakers are meticulously dismantled, tested and certified by d&b technicians to meet original factory quality standards. A Certified Pre-Owned system includes new amplification and electronics, as well as all the same accessories, service, finance and support advantages as brand new systems.  A two-year warranty on remanufactured parts provides additional peace of mind.

Before remanufacturing: d&b products are designed and manufactured for longevity. Nevertheless, years or even decades of touring can leave its mark.

After remanufacturing: Like new and in good shape, smartly finished and with full functionality restored.

Why choose a Certified Pre-Owned system?

Providing benefit for both our customers and the environment is a philosophy that is engrained in the collective conscientiousness of every d&b co-worker. It’s also part of our long-term commitment to treating both people and our planet with care.


d&b has signed the WIN-Charta and takes on the voluntary commitment to carry out comprehensive sustainability management.

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EMAS Validation.

As a certified ecological enterprise under the terms of EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme), d&b stands for care and conscientiousness in all our actions to do with the shared environment.

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BSI Kitemark.

Our remanufacturing process has been awarded the BSI Kitemark. The BSI Group is a UK standards body, global certification company, and the author of the BS8887 standard that defines the remanufacturing process.

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The J-Series is our first Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) offering. This established large-format system continues to tour globally, its sonic performance proving suitable for any event style or genre.

With the CPO J-Series, not only do you reap the benefits of a rider-friendly sound reinforcement system that our users tell us enhances the reputation of their venues and events, you are contributing to the drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emission and consumption of raw materials.

As with any d&b system, your CPO package also includes:

Get to know the CPO J-Series

Our steadfast J-Series is still going strong. Explore system loudspeaker and subwoofer options here or download more information below.

What is remanufacturing?

The remanufacturing of the CPO J-Series system is based on the British Standards Institute definition of the process: Return a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the newly manufactured product.

Our remanufacturing process commits to the following tests and inspections:

Exterior check

It’s natural that loudspeaker cabinets suffer wear and tear. That’s why we confirm that they are free of cracks, all foam and seals are replaced, and the exterior is repainted with the original d&b top coat.

Exterior check

Mechanical check

There is no compromising on safety. Pins, rigging links, wheels, latches, frames, rigging and chains are all inspected for damage, tested, and replaced where necessary. 

Mechanical check

Acoustic check

A CPO system goes through the same rigorous frequency and impedance checks as new systems. They are also subject to a listening test, for those performance qualities that can only be measured by a well-trained ear.

Acoustic check

Get planet-friendly peace of mind.

Join the ranks of premium sound reinforcement ownership while doing your part for the planet. Contact our Sales Management team for more details about d&b Certified Pre-Owned packages.

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