d&b Workflow.

The integrated d&b workflow improves efficiency all the way from the start of a project through planning and simulation to control of the final result.

Performance requirements

The integrated d&b Workflow improves efficiency from the start of a project through planning and simulation to control of the final result.

Planning and simulation

d&b ArrayCalc simulation software

Enter venue data, whether square or round, flat or steep, big or small, into ArrayCalc: the complete d&b system simulation tool. The system defined in ArrayCalc is used to automatically generate the user interface found in the d&b R1 remote control software.

d&b NoizCalc ​​​​​​​

The d&b NoizCalc software uses data from the ArrayCalc simulation software to predict the noise in the environment from one or more d&b loudspeaker systems by calculating the sound propagation according to international standards. 

External simulation software

Acoustic simulation tools like EASE can import the ArrayCalc design to verify and calculate STI (Speech Transmission Index) values and to predict SPL with reflections and the reverberation characteristics of the system in the room.

Control and operation

d&b R1 remote control software

The d&b Remote network enables the central control and monitoring of a complete d&b loudspeaker system from anywhere in the network, be it from a computer in the control room, at the mix position, or on a wireless tablet in the auditorium. Through a d&b Remote network, all functions of a d&b system are accessible. Access can be restricted depending on the requirements of the user. Featuring grouped controls, as well as detailed system and device diagnostics, and firmware updates, the d&b Remote network unlocks the full potential of the d&b system approach.

Third party integration and interoperability

For many applications, integration into a general control and monitoring platform is a mandatory requirement. d&b amplifiers are designed to meet the demands of the broad range of plug-ins from system controllers from manufacturers and technologies on the market, providing complete integration with third party technology.

To ensure that a d&b system satisfies the demands of general operation and an emergency situation, a comprehensive set of features and various software interfaces are available to prepare a d&b system for any scenario in any environment.

Processing and distribution

d&b amplifiers

All d&b amplifiers incorporate sophisticated Digital Signal Processing capabilities for comprehensive loudspeaker management: switchable filter functions, remote capabilities, and user-definable controls. d&b amplifiers are designed specifically to power d&b loudspeakers and are the heart of all d&b systems.


The systems, all in all. The loudspeakers

The loudspeaker at the end of the signal chain transfers all previous planning results and settings to deliver the best audio performance to the audience. All d&b loudspeakers provide:

  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • diversity
  • maximum efficiency with dedicated rigging accessories
  • specific paint finishes for seamless visual integration or weather protection.

Each loudspeaker features trademark d&b qualities: low weight, constant directivity control down to low frequencies, and integrated flying equipment. Many d&b loudspeakers also feature a broadband passively cardioid dispersion pattern.