Integration and Interoperability.

The dependable solution

A complete d&b solution enables integrators to deliver reliable, predictable system performance. d&b software simulates the entire system precisely and provides comprehensive remote control. Whether for large or small applications, the d&b system approach ensures reliable results can be achieved every time, straight out of the box.

d&b provides the tools needed to ensure that every listener hears every detail, everywhere. As a result, d&b loudspeaker systems are trusted by system designers, engineers, and integrators worldwide, making them distinctly rider friendly. Each element is tightly specified, precisely aligned, and carefully integrated for maximum efficiency and optimum performance.

The integration choice

d&b installation systems are made specifically for permanent integration. The loudspeakers fit unobtrusively into any application and perform in acoustically challenging environments. The d&b amplifiers offer powerful DSP options, network system integration, and various other installation specific functionalities.

d&b Workflow for installation applications

At the beginning of each installation project, the performance requirements are carefully considered. Architects, consultants, designers, integrators, along with product manufacturers must work together to create unique experiences for their clients. It is important to understand and support each contributor’s needs with a comprehensive plan that is based on information gathered at every stage of the process.

Discover the d&b Workflow


Designing d&b technology in the heart of an installation project increasingly requires interoperability with third party system manufacturers.

A media control system or processing platform can centralize and manage multiple inputs. Control systems typically consist of: a control processing unit and user interfaces, such as touch panels, tablets and switches. In case of an emergency seamless integration of the performance system in a voice alarm system is a critical requirement for many public spaces.

With a growing range of media control plug-ins, connectivity and enabling technologies, d&b sound reinforcement systems can be designed for intuitive and easy everyday handling for all users and for performances of any kind. This makes a d&b system the ideal solution for any installation demanding the highest audio performance and fully customizable remote control capabilities.

d&b technology application examples

d&b technology partners

d&b technology partner


A powerful, scalable software based tool for the integration and control of audio and video, Q-SYS enables the full integration of d&b systems into its open, IT friendly control networks for customized, permanently installed sound reinforcement...

d&b technology partner


A world leader in sophisticated control interfaces, Crestron’s control and automation solutions enable the full integration of d&b systems into the domain of customized, permanently installed sound reinforcement systems.

d&b technology partner


Beckhoff’s automation software allows the full integration of d&b systems into a scalable platform for control, operation, data processing and monitoring in stage, show and media applications.

d&b technology partner


Integration with AMX allows AMX media control solutions to access d&b systems, for monitoring, management and control of customized, permanently installed sound reinforcement systems. 

d&b technology partner


MediaMatrix is a digital audio distribution and processing system offering flexible control of audio networks and allowing the full integration of d&b systems in customized, permanently installed sound reinforcement systems.

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