Third-party integration solution MediaMatrix.

Peavey MediaMatrix is a digital audio distribution and processing system with fully flexible control functions. Powerful digital processors, software and user-control tools provide audio system integrators with comprehensive flexibility to design the signal distribution and control network by a computer, while user interfaces on touch-screens or iOS devices provide tailored controls for any user. The system can also be controlled using wall panels and GPIOs.

The d&b plug-in module for the MediaMatrix DSP network allows the full integration of installation specific d&b 10D and 30D amplifiers, as well as the D20 and D80 amplifiers, in the MediaMatrix control network domain.

MediaMatrix Nion Designer Software

The complete system is designed and managed using the NWare software, and then deployed to NION or nControl processing devices within the network. All system parameters can be adjusted via NWare, which can also provide complete status monitoring features and full system control via a MediaMatrix control device, or via a control interface for Android, iOS (Apple), Blackberry, Windows or Linux mobile devices. Extensive integration with the MediaMatrix range also allows the status logging of all audio connections to amplifiers, and the operating state of the monitored loudspeakers.

The d&b NWare™ plug-in allows the control and monitoring of a number of functions of the d&b 4 channel amplifiers (10D, 30D, D20 or D80) from within the Peavey MediaMatrix® framework using Open Control Architecture (OCA/AES70).

System requirements

  • Ethernet compatible d&b amplifiers (10D, 30D, D20 or D80) with Firmware V2.02.00 or higher
  • Peavey MediaMatrix system and NWare software version 1.7.2 or higher
  • Nion Project plug-in (*.npp) file containing the d&b plug-in module for 10D, 30D, D20 and D80 amplifiers

Plug-in capabilities

d&b plug-in for MediaMatrix Amplifier view


  • Power the amplifier on and off
  • Track the amplifier's Power and Error status
  • Read the amplifier name


  • Channel output gain and mute control
  • Supervise each channel's error status individually
  • Monitor the amplifier channel temperature

Amplifier presets

  • Backup and load presets
  • Track the modified status of currently active preset and display its name


  • Enable/disable Input monitoring for each individual analog and digital input
  • Enable/disable Load monitoring for each individual output
  • Log events such as device disconnects and communication errors

Integration applications

Amsterdam Arena, Netherlands

Amsterdam ArenA with MediaMatrix

Amsterdam ArenA, home to AFC Ajax and a popular stop-off for major international touring artists, needed a new sound system which could seamlessly fill three roles: delay system support for concerts, sound reinforcement for football matches and EVAC.

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