Third party integration solution Beckhoff.

Beckhoff integration solution for AV

PC based control technology from the specialists at Beckhoff offers a comprehensive range of modular components for all automation tasks. The open and flexible Beckhoff automation platform is ideal for enabling integrated control of all functions in stage, show and AV media technology: from movable objects, lighting and AV media technology, through to building automation. A customized application structure enables complete integration of the installation specific d&b 10D and 30D amplifiers as well as the D20 and D80 amplifiers in the Beckhoff control system.

The Beckhoff TwinCAT software system defines a real time controller with a multi-PLC system, NC axis control, programming environment, and operating station. The d&b function blocks in TwinCAT provide access to d&b amplifier parameters, such as Gain and Mute status, recall AmpPresets, or change the Power On/Off status. In addition, it can access all the other OCA parameters of a d&b amplifier and can read several types of information from the amplifier, including Input monitoring, Load monitoring, and amplifier status. d&b sound reinforcement systems become fully interoperable in a system environment designed for intuitive and easy everyday handling by all users and for performances of any kind.

Offering more than 400 signal types, the Beckhoff I/O system covers the entire range of actuators and sensors, from digital and analog standard signals through to the integration of lighting equipment, motion control, building automation and AV media control.

Amplifier configuration
Amplifier output configuration

With OCA (AES70), DMX, sACN, SMPTE Timecode, Art-Net™ and PosiStageNet, Beckhoff 'speaks' the languages of the industry, ensuring that the most varied areas of stage and show technology can be controlled on basis of standard control components. System integrators can choose the solution that best suits their applications in terms of performance and cost from the comprehensive portfolio of modular automation components.

The d&b system can be switched from playback, to announcements with the highest intelligibility, to a highly dynamic system for music and live program reproduction, fulfilling every concert and performance expectation. Stadiums, houses of worship, performing art venues, corporate auditoriums and large event spaces all demand the highest level of performance, intelligibility, flexibility and ease of operation. PC based control technology allows high performance d&b amplifiers to become part of a large integrated automation platform.

d&b plug-in for Beckhoff remote overview
d&b plug-in for Beckhoff amplifier overview

The acoustical distribution of the d&b audio experience becomes infinitely reconfigurable, while ease of operation allows users to select the ideal system operating mode. Using the Beckhoff TwinCat3 system design software to customize solutions for every project. The sky is the limit.

For some applications, a compact standard solution provides quick general operation for up to fourteen amplifiers in one system. This package consists of a seven inch touchscreen PC with mounting frame, two I/O terminals and software licenses preinstalled.

Integration applications

Cultural Center De Factorij, Zaventem, Belgium

De Factorij with Beckhoff

Situated close to Brussels, De Factorij is a thriving cultural center with a 680 seat theatre, the shape of which presents an unusual sound reinforcement challenge. Designing a line array sound solution for this style of theater was no easy task.

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