Third party integration solution Q-SYS.

Q-SYS is an audio DSP, signal distribution and control network solution from the audio manufacturer QSC, controlled using processing cores and programmable user interfaces. All control and signal processing functionalities within a network can be customized to the exact requirements of the application, while user interfaces on touchscreens can provide tailored controls for any user.

The d&b plug-in module for the Q-SYS DSP network allows full integration of the Ethernet compatible d&b amplifiers in the Q-SYS control network domain. In combination with Q-SYS, a d&b loudspeaker system is the ideal solution for any permanent installation demanding the highest audio performance and fully customizable remote control capabilities, regardless of the size, shape or scale of the project.

Parameters can be adjusted using Q-SYS control components and indicators and are customized via the Q-SYS designer software. This permits full system control and status monitoring on any QSC control device, or via any Q-SYS control interface. d&b sound reinforcement systems are then fully operable in a system environment designed for intuitive and easy everyday handling for all users and for performances of any kind.

With the flick of a switch, a normally unattended audio system intended for natural speech reproduction of the highest intelligibility can become a full blooded loudspeaker system for music and live program reproduction fulfilling every concert and performance expectation.

The embedded Q-SYS system status logging function also provides options for automated notifications for system events and errors by email, while the LUA scripting feature permits comprehensive Q-SYS programming.

In addition, the plug-in module also enables remote control of scene calls in the DS100 / DS100M.

System requirements:

  • Ethernet compatible d&b amplifiers (5D, 10D, 30D, 40D, D20, D40 or D80) with Firmware V2.02.00 or higher
  • DS100 / DS100M Signal Engine
  • QSC Q-SYS system and Q-SYS Designer V5.1.00 or higher
  • Q-SYS Designer project file containing the d&b Q-SYS plug-in module

Integration applications

Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Veltins-Arena with Q-SYS

Veltins-Arena is one of the most prestigious stadiums in Germany. With 2.4 million guests per year, sound quality has to be of the highest order, whether for in-game entertainment, concerts, or any other kind of event.

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