Third party integration solution Crestron.

Crestron is a media control network solution for monitoring, managing and controlling meeting spaces and building automation, such as A/V, lighting, IT and security. The system allows the user to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform. A Crestron system consists of different devices including management processors, I/Os, switches, touch screens and panels to manage custom solutions.

The Crestron module allows system designers and integrators to define a custom user interface for a d&b system. By means of the d&b Crestron module, the user interface can be connected to any Ethernet compatible d&b amplifier which can then be accessed via the Crestron control network. In combination with Crestron media control, a d&b loudspeaker system is the ideal solution for any permanent installation demanding high quality audio performance and fully customizable remote control capabilities, regardless of the size, shape or scale of the project.

The d&b Crestron module can provide access to d&b amplifier parameters, such as Gain and Mute status, recall AmpPresets or change the Power On/Off status. It also reads several types of information from the amplifiers, including Input monitoring, load monitoring and amplifier status.

System requirements:

  • d&b amplifiers 10D, 30D, D20, D80 with firmware V2.02.00 (or higher), d&b amplifiers 40D, D40 with firmware V1.00.00 (or higher), d&b amplifier 5D with firmware V5.0.1 (or higher)
  • Hardware controller: Crestron 3-Series or Crestron 4-Series control system
  • Development tool: SIMPL Windows (V4.17 or higher)
  • Touch panel designer: VisionTools Pro-e

Plug-in capabilities

Crestron touch panel designer
d&b plug-in for Crestron amplifier view


  • power the amplifier on and off
  • track the amplifier's Power and Error status
  • read the amplifier name


  • channel output gain and mute control
  • supervise each channel's Error status individually
  • monitor the amplifier channel temperature

Amplifier presets

  • backup and load presets
  • track the modified status of currently active preset and display its name


  • enable/disable Input monitoring for each individual analog and digital input
  • enable/disable Load monitoring for each individual output
  • log events such as device disconnects and communication errors

Integration applications

Municipal hall, the Quadrium, Germany

Wernau municipal hall with Crestron

Wernau municipal hall, at the Quadrium conference center in Wernau, is a multipurpose venue hosting a variety of events. It required a flexible, easily contolled PA system, suitable for speech and music, which could also integrate with the EVAC...

Thomann Theatre, Germany

Crestron by Thomann Audio Professionell

Thomann Theatre easily integrates d&b amplifiers with the theatre’s media control system by using the Crestron plug-in.

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