Municipal hall in Quadrium with Crestron.

The Wernau municipal hall is part of the Quadrium, a conference and administration center in Wernau.The Wernau municipal hall consists of a 540m² multipurpose venue, which can be divided into two separate rooms.

Event profiles

The hall plays host to a wide variety of events from conferences, conventions and weddings to theater and music events. This diverse venue requires a flexible and innovative PA system which produces high-quality, uniform speech intelligibility, while also having enough output reserve for music performances.


Installation of new loudspeakers and amplifiers with integration in a third-party control system

  • 530D
  • 210D
  • 2DS10

Requirements for media control systems

This multi-purpose venue requires a flexible PA system to produce high-quality and uniform speech intelligibility, while also having sufficient output reserve for music performances. A crucial part of the selection process, alongside the requirement for integration, was a high directivity loudspeaker system that could provide equal SPL throughout the audience area, while reducing the likelihood of acoustic feedback.The whole system should

be easy to operate through a central media control interface: turning the equipment on and off, operating the curtains and lighting, choosing the individual audio settings, etc.

The PA system must be connected to an EVAC system so that the main system can be silenced in case of emergency. Another important factor is a single point of operation so that the in-house technicians do not have to master multiple different systems.

We’re very happy with the result. d&b is one of the most recognized suppliers on the market. With the new installation, we will meet the requirements of a wide variety of guest productions, whose technicians would rather avoid setting up and using their own equipment, and will thereby save time and money. We did not find technology that could give results that were this effective from any other supplier. People have already praised the excellent speech intelligibility, which is even the case in areas at the back of the room that previously posed problems, and the general sound quality is extremely high. We notice it at our own events, and also receive feedback to that effect from external technicians. It’s possible to easily adapt the system to different event profiles and control it at the touch of a button - even with a wireless touch screen from any point in the room.Peter Dengler, On-site Technical Manager

Audio solutions

Uniform SPL for the whole audience area was an important factor to meet the requirements of different audio environments. This was achieved using d&b ArrayProcessing.

Media control system integration

  • 3 remote touchscreens to operate the room equipment (1 wired in the control room, 1 wired in the main hall and 1 wireless in the main hall)
  • The lighting in the hall (chandeliers, ceiling spots, etc) is connected to the atmospheric dimmer system and is operated via a light desk, as well as the media control system
  • Switch contact for individual offsets, as well as for blue light and access lights
  • Operation of PA system

Power, mute, four amp presets for different types of sound provision:

  • Room divided up or used as a whole, with or without a gallery
  • Mode for operating the sound console
  • Mode for simplified operation of sound console (only full mixes are distributed to the rooms)
  • Mode for technical laymen (without sound console, just audio DSP via Crestron Touch Screen)
The System planning took place using the d&b Workflow, which made the implementation much easier. Integrating the PA system into the technology within the hall was achieved by using the Crestron Plugin provided by d&b. In this way, controlling, operating and monitoring the central amplification functions alongside the rest of the system was made simple and efficient by the Crestron media control system.Tom Ulbrich (Dipl. Ing.)
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