d&b Soundscape workshop.

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Sound object localization from the correct direction. For everyone in the audience. How does this work and what is necessary to achieve this goal using a reinforcement system? d&b Soundscape is the system solution to create this experience and also takes the audience into new emulated acoustical spaces. This workshop provides an in-depth overview of d&b Soundscape system design principles and at the same time acts as a guideline for setting up a comprehensive Sound Designer toolkit along the proven and efficient d&b workflow. It also serves as a refresher course in human localization principles and how to apply them to system design considerations. It’s all about understanding the artificial creation of reverberant spaces from real venue impulse responses and having a look at the processes and functionalities behind emulated room acoustics and its demands.

In the end, it’s about getting closer to the artist with the interfacing protocols for third party sound-object control and many other parameters of the signal engine behind d&b Soundscape. This workshop is your admission ticket to enter a matrix with many possibilities.

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