Live the d&b System reality in theory and practice: That’s our aim. The workshops are packed with information about d&b products, the interaction between d&b audio solutions, and give you the chance to see, hear, and try them out.

You can attend single d&b workshops or related blocks to build your skills systematically.

Workshop d&basic

d&basics workshop.

Recognizing the connections. The basics of electroacoustics, design principles, and special features of d&b loudspeakers and system amplifiers. A whole day spent learning, hearing, touching, and trying out.

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d&big Networkshop

d&big Networkshop.

Understanding the basics about data networks and their complexity. This workshop shows how digital network technology expands and simplifies the options for audio signal distribution and remote system control in production environments.

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d&b Line array workshop

d&b Line array workshop.

Basics and functioning of line arrays. Practical examples showing how to plan line arrays using the ArrayCalc software, then setting up and operation. Depending on the region, the the T-Series, Y-Series, V-Series, will be used, or a combination of series.

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d&b Product workshop

d&b Product workshop.

Theory is nothing without practice. This course has both. Loudspeakers of various series as well as the d&b system amplifiers. 

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d&b Software system fundamentals workshop

d&b Software and system fundamentals workshop.

d&b software is the first condition for efficient planning. Focusing on d&b ArrayCalc and d&b R1, this is all about the d&b Workflow, from entering room data and running simulations, through to generating an intuitive use interface.

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d&b Soundscape Workshop

d&b Soundscape workshop.

How to plan, design, control, setup and use a d&b Soundscape system. The workflow steps, system design considerations and the interfacing with external controls will be explained, discussed and applied during this workshop.

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d&b System integration toolbox workshop

d&b System integration toolbox workshop.

Integrating d&b systems in complex production or installation environments. d&b systems have offered many additional functions right from the start. This workshop shows tons of practical examples of configuration methods.

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d&b System workshop.

The comprehensive d&b Workflow - from project start to planning and simulation, up to the d&b ArrayProcessing settings and adjustments using various line array systems.

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d&b Workflow workshop

d&b Workflow workshop.

Planning, deployment and operation of a d&b sound system using the d&b Workflow. Familiarization with d&b loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics, rigging options, ArrayCalc, and R1 Remote.

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d&b NoizCalc Workshop

NoizCalc workshop.

How to predict the influence of a d&b system in the surrounding environment? The NoizCalc workshop is the guideline to get an overview and hands-on experience to simulate sound propagation beyond open air venue areas.

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d&b SL-Series workshop

SL-Series workshop.

Introduction to SL-Series loudspeakers and system components, and their fields of application. The SL-Series is explained by means of various application examples and via practical rigging exercises.

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d&b audiotechnik Education Seminars


Do you want to learn about the fundamentals of electroacoustics and expand your technical knowledge? d&b seminars cover the need to know topics and skills. The seminars are held in various languages.

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