d&b seminars extend your knowledge on topics and skills in the field of electroacoustics, system optimization, and application. Anybody who enthuses over good sound can book a seminar.

Electroacoustic seminar

Electroacoustics seminar.

Basic knowledge comprising the need to know vitals and principles of electroacoustics. Key questions are answered through practical demonstrations. For example, how does sound propagate? Or, how do sound waves merge?

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Sound System Optimisation seminar

Sound system optimisation seminar.

How to optimize a sound reinforcement system in theory and practice with the aid of computer assisted measurement systems. All the optimization steps are tested out in practice on your own equipment.

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d&b audiotechnk Education Workshops


Interested in particular d&b products and systems or have questions about them? d&b Workshops are specially tailored to d&b products and system solutions. Here you get helpful knowledge in theory and practice. The workshops are held in various languages.

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