The industry standard control protocol Open Control Architecture (OCA/AES70) allows the entire d&b system to be integrated in control tools familiar to the end user, system designer, and integrator, with maximum efficiency and no compromise. Third party manufacturers are free to implement the protocol in their own products. d&b has developed numerous AES70 plug-ins designed to help integrate the d&b Workflow seamlessly in control system architectures. To date these include: QSC Q-SYS™, Peavey MediaMatrix®, Crestron®, AMX®, and Beckhoff. Details about d&b amplifier plug-ins can be found here.

AES70 uses standard IP infrastructure, including Ethernet and 802.11 Wi-Fi networks, and can be used alongside the common audio transport protocols. The speed, high bandwidth and flexibility ensure that all system information is accessible dynamically, and guarantees that system changes are made immediately.

OCA is an open, license free standard available to anyone; the full AES70 specification is available through the AES standards website

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