d&b audiotechnik brings Perth’s first A-Series installation to Australia’s ‘most unique and atmospheric nightlife experience’.

After three months of construction and re-design to make Australia’s Magnet House into a top-tier nightlife venue, the global pandemic caused the club to close its doors before they had the chance to re-open. Today, behind those doors, sits Australia’s first-ever nightclub with a Pixel Kinetic Ceiling and Perth’s first ever d&b A-Series audio installation.

Magnet House was upgraded by the owner with the goal of making it into the most unique nightclub in Australia —a real feast for the senses. In order to create an audience experience unlike any other, the team needed a lighting and sound system that would be unlike anything ever seen in an Australian club.

When looking at lighting design, the team created an LED light display unlike any other in the country, which presents endless kaleidoscopic possibilities. To go alongside this pioneering lighting design, Magnet House needed a sound system that would cover every inch of the venue and create the ultimate club experience. With the help of CCA Productions and NAS Solutions, the nightclub decided on a d&b audiotechnik solution. However, delivering this ambitious project came with challenges.

“The venue presented a pretty challenging acoustic environment for our team to work with,” said Luke Willott, Live Audio Specialist, CCA Productions.

The room has an irregular shape, with lots of glass, steel, and other reflective surfaces that we had to take into consideration along with the aesthetic appeal that the venue was going for. We had to match the owner’s vision and expectations for this design, which meant that the sound system had to look and sound perfect.Luke Willott, Live Audio Specialist, CCA Productions

The venue designers and sound team chose a system unlike any other to help them achieve their goal, the d&b A-Series. The flexible A-Series augmented array loudspeakers allowed the venue to maintain its aesthetic appeal while covering the entire venue floor with sound.

The d&b A-Series loudspeakers are specifically designed for medium-scale applications where coverage flexibility is a necessity. These loudspeakers can also be paired with a variety of different d&b amplifiers and subwoofers to build a system to meet the specific needs of each and every venue.

When COVID-19 hit and the venue was forced to shut down, Magnet House innovated and decided that they could still bring music to their customers with a series of live-streamed DJ performances, giving the A-Series system a chance to show off what it was capable of.

We have already received amazing feedback from the EDM and band community on the new sound solution,” said Willott. “The combination of the robust low mids with a well-balanced HF, even and directional VLF distributed across all listening planes, plus the venues captivating visuals make visiting Magnet House a feast for the senses.”

The venue has now been able to open its doors once again to show off their new renovations and technologies to customers.

“Everyone in Western Australia was eager to hear the first A-Series in Perth before lockdown, so we are looking forward to the re-opening of Magnet House so that their customers can finally hear this incredible, powerful sound from d&b,” said Willott. “Also, to take this venue to the next level, we are eagerly waiting on the arrival of the d&b 40D installation amplifier to add even more depth to this sound design.”

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