5S loudspeaker

5S loudspeaker front
5S loudspeaker front with accessory
5S loudspeaker back

5S loudspeaker

Point sources

Installation specific 2-way compact coaxial loudspeaker

  • Components 5"/1" 
  • Dispersion 100° conical
  • SPLmax 118 dB
  • Weight 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb

Article number Z1616

Product description

The 5S is a lightweight 2-way passive loudspeaker using a ferrite LF driver and a coaxially mounted wide dispersion dome tweeter. It employs a 5” driver in a compact bass-reflex enclosure and offers a symmetrical dispersion pattern in the horizontal and vertical plane while the cabinet may be mounted in either attitude. It can be used stand-alone or supplemented by different subwoofers of the xS-Series. The enclosure is injection moulded with an impact and weather resistant (IP34 rating) black or white paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent foam. Incorporated into the rear panel are two M8 threaded inserts, two NL4 connectors and a two pole screw terminal block. The loudspeaker cabinet and most accessories are also available with the Special Colour (SC) option that can be executed in all RAL colours.


The d&b 10D and D6 amplifiers are recommended to drive the 5S. The d&b D20, D80 and 30D can also be used.



Architectural specifications for detailed project planning

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System data
Frequency response (-5 dB standard)
80 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency response (-5 dB CUT mode)
130 Hz - 20 kHz
Max. sound pressure1
with D6/10D
with D20/30D
with D80

117 dB
118 dB
118 dB
Cabinets per amplifier channel
Loudspeaker data
Installation specific 2-way compact coaxial loudspeaker
Nominal impedance
16 Ω
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)
60/400 W
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v)
100° conical
5" driver
1" dome tweeter coaxially mounted
passive crossover network
2 x NL4
screw terminal block
Dimensions / weight
Dimensions (H x W x D)
240 x 164 x 160 mm
9.4 x 6.5 x 6.3"
2.5 kg
5.5 lb

1 1 m, free field, SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4

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