Bi8 subwoofer

d&b audiotechnik Bi8-SUB subwoofer detailview front
d&b audiotechnik Bi8-SUB subwoofer detailview rear
d&b audiotechnik Bi8-SUB subwoofer detailview front hanging with accessory
d&b audiotechnik Bi8-SUB subwoofer detailview front standing

Bi8 subwoofer


Installation specific ultra compact subwoofer

  • Components 2 x 6.5"
  • Dispersion omnidirectional
  • SPL max 122 dB
  • Weight 17 kg / 37.5 lb

Article number Z0631

Product description

The Bi8-SUB is an ultra compact subwoofer that pairs with the established d&b xC, xS and E-Series loudspeakers. The Bi8-SUB is the installation version of the B8 subwoofer and differs only in cabinet construction and mounting hardware. The Bi8-SUB features two 6.5” drivers housed within a bass-reflex cabinet design. Its low height (170 mm) makes it an ideal solution for small scale applications that require an extended low frequency response while still achieving high Sound Pressure Levels. The frequency response extends from 43 Hz to 170 Hz. When operating in 100 Hz mode, the upper operating frequency of the subwoofer is reduced from 170 Hz to 125 Hz.

The Bi8-SUB can be flown either horizontally or vertically. Two M8 threaded inserts are incorporated, one on each side panel to allow the attachment of a dedicated flying bracket.

The enclosure is constructed from marine plywood with an impact resistant black paint finish. The front of the cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent foam. The rear panel incorporates two NL4 connectors and a two pole screw terminal block. The Bi8-SUB is also available in Special Colour (SC) and Weather Resistant (WR) options. The Weather Resistant option provides an IP55 rating and enables operation of loudspeakers in changing ambient conditions.


The d&b 10D amplifier is recommended to drive the Bi8-SUB. The D6, D20, D80 and 30D can also be used.


System data
Frequency response (-5 dB standard)
43 Hz - 170 Hz
Frequency response (-5 dB 100 Hz mode)
43 Hz - 125 Hz
Max. sound pressure1
with D6/10D
with D20/30D
with D80

120 dB
122 dB
122 dB
Cabinets per amplifier channel
Loudspeaker data
Ultra compact subwoofer
Nominal impedance
8 Ω
Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)
200/800 W
2 x 6.5" driver with ferrite magnet
2 x NL4 M
1 x screw terminal (ST - up to 4 mm2/AWG 11)
WR option: Faston type connector 2 x 6.3 mm, female
Pin assignment
NL4 M: 2+/2–
WR option: brown +/blue –
Dimensions / weight
Dimensions (H x W x D)
170 x 436 x 580 mm
6.7 x 17.2 x 22.8"
17 kg
37.5 lb

1 1 m, free field, SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4

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