What is Milan?

Milan is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real-time media that builds on the technical benefits of the open Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standard developed by the IEEE, such as time synchronization and guaranteed delivery through prioritized network traffic.


Created and maintained by pro audio market leaders in the Avnu Alliance, Milan promotes interoperability and reduces the risk of vendor lock-in.

Milan’s main advantages are:

  • Future-proofing via open IEEE standards
  • Improved reliability: no dropouts or degradation
  • Deterministic behaviour via reserved AV streams
  • Coexistence of control data and media streams on one network port
  • Seamless interoperability between Milan devices
  • Seamless redundancy
  • Flexible media clocking
  • Hassle-free network setup as no special settings, such as QoS, need to be set within the switches to ensure delivery.

Milan and converged networks.

Of special value in converged networks is no further need to isolate the subsystems to guarantee congestion free operation.

Additionally, advanced media clocking schemes can be defined by the user, so that several subsystems can be clocked independently at either the same or different sampling rates, while still sharing the same network infrastructure.

As an open solution, Milan not only offers you investment security, but provides room for better integration with each manufacturer’s products and subsystems. This renders the networking part of a system transparent to the user, giving them the freedom to focus on delivering the best audio to the audience.

Milan system solutions.

Milan provides a strong foundation to build your ideal system vision upon. The DS20 Audio network bridge, D90 amplifier and the DS100M Signal engine are the first d&b products to integrate Milan networking. More will be gradually introduced. Whatever your system ambition, we can help you thrive today and be ready for tomorrow.


Interface between d&b amplifiers and the Milan audio transport protocol

  • 16 AES3 digital output channels
  • 4 AES3 digital input channels
  • Integrated fully AVB-enabled 5-port network switch
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Mobile specific four channel amplifier

  • Maximum output power
    4 x 5400/2700 W into 4/8 Ω
  • Maximum output voltage/current
    210 Vpeak / 78 Apeak
  • Monitoring display, Color TFT touchscreen, 4.3" / 480 x 272 pixel
  • All current d&b loudspeaker...
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Network-driven and Milan-enabled DSP platform

  • Processing platform for the d&b Soundscape
  • MADI and word clock integration
  • I/O processing EQ, gain, delay, polarity
  • Milan I/O
  • Sampling rate I/O: 48 / 96 kHz
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